Curriculum vitae

Since 1996 he has studied at the Dental School of T.E.I. Athens and after completing his internship in 2001, he received his Degree in Dentistry.

In 2002 he achieved his admission to the School of Dentistry of the University of Athens and in 2007 he was sworn in as a Surgeon Dentist with a degree of Lyan Kalo.

He is a member of the Dental Association of Attica and since 2008, maintains a private dental practice in Halandri.

His love for Dental Science pushes him to continuously attend and participate in scientific conferences, practical seminars and dental workshops.

He has attended the Postgraduate Program of Aesthetic Dentistry- Masterclass in Aesthetic Dentistry, University of London – UCL Eastman Dental Institute.

He subscribes to online dental journals and takes advantage of the rich articles of the internet, about new dental directions, materials and perceptions.


  • Irodou Attikou 30,
    Nimfon & L. Pentelis 27,
  • 210 68 28 950