Combining the high professional training of the medical team of ZAB implants specialists, the guidance of the Director Mr. Dimitrios Zabara, the years of experience and know-how with the use of advanced technologies, we have the ability to offer dental services for the whole family.

The implant placement ensures the patient a definitive solution, it is necessary to have long-term support and we are able to offer it to you. Therefore, we apply an appropriate re-testing system every six months, where the implants are checked in detail and cleaned by our periodontologist.

The excellent result is a basic principle of our practice, which is why we treat each patient multifacetedly. More specifically, recognizing the fact that the prospect of any dental treatment can be daunting, our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere. The close relationship between dentist and patient, as well as the use of modern equipment and the high dental techniques of the team, lead to the best possible result.

Our aim is to fully restore and maintain a therapeutic effect in the long term.

Our team guarantees for your implants. However, we ask you to maintain excellent oral hygiene (in the way we will show you at the end of your treatment) and to be typical with re-checking.