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The Specialists in Dental Engineering

Pappas Dental Lab with 30 years of experience and excellent customer service, managed to stand out and evolve rapidly to the modern needs of the dental field.

Investing in innovations that, with the modern high-level material equipment available, provide dental services of high standards in a specially designed lab to make the previously impossible possible.
The digital infrastructure of Pappas Dental Lab excludes the human factor’s mistakes while facilitating the work of recording with a dental scanner and the reduction of time through its online sending. Upon receipt the files, the design and study begin to achieve the best plan to restore a natural smile.
The high-tech dental infrastructure using software of leading companies in the industry, drastically reduces the completion time, shaping in metal, wax, and zirconium giving shape and a natural smile. Our well-trained, experienced craftsmen then undertake the transformation of the materials into lively smiles. We build with our know-how each case separately, immediately restoring the best possible smile of your patient.

You will find us at Agiou Orous 4 in Maroussi by appointment due to covid-19.


We work with files from following Intraoral Scanners.

3Shape TRIOS
Virtuo Vivo™
Sirona Primescan

Digitize at your own pace.

We can give the best possible result with files from the following intraoral scanners:
  • 3Shape Trios
  • Wow
  • Virtuo Vivo
  • Sirona Primescan.


ZAB implants specialists

Konstantinos Pantazopoulos

Apostolos Chouliaras

Grigoris Georgalas

Kremidas Michalis

Georgios D. Tepezikiotis

My collaboration with Pappas Dental Lab is one of the best in my career. This is due not only to the wonderful aesthetic and functional results of their work but also to the impeccable organization and operation of their laboratory.

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    Combining the high professional training of the medical team of ZAB implants specialists, the guidance of the Director Mr. Dimitrios Zabara, the years of experience and know-how with the use of advanced technologies, we have the ability to offer dental services for the whole family.

    The implant placement ensures the patient a definitive solution, it is necessary to have long-term support and we are able to offer it to you. Therefore, we apply an appropriate re-testing system every six months, where the implants are checked in detail and cleaned by our periodontologist.

    The excellent result is a basic principle of our practice, which is why we treat each patient multifacetedly. More specifically, recognizing the fact that the prospect of any dental treatment can be daunting, our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere. The close relationship between dentist and patient, as well as the use of modern equipment and the high dental techniques of the team, lead to the best possible result.

    Our aim is to fully restore and maintain a therapeutic effect in the long term.

    Our team guarantees for your implants. However, we ask you to maintain excellent oral hygiene (in the way we will show you at the end of your treatment) and to be typical with re-checking.


    Curriculum Vitae

    He was admitted and studied at Dental School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, from which he graduated in 1989.

    In 2002 he received at the University of Frankfurt Certificate Laser Therapy in by Professor George Romanos.

    In the same year he attended courses in Endodontic, Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry, at a meeting of the American Dental Federation in New Orleans.

    In 2005 he completed his studies in Laser at the Clinic of the University of Vienna, from which he received the degree Master of the European Academy of Intrastomical Laser Applications under its president, Professor Andrea Moritz.

    In 2007 at New York University, he successfully completed the two-year (C.D.E.P) program of Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation.

    He is a member of the Global and Hellenic Society of Intraoral Laser Applications.

    He has attended various scientific conferences, some of which he participated in as a speaker, presenting his own scientific and clinical work.


    The Optimal Health Dentistry it is a modern dental practice and offers dental care tailored to your individual needs and desires, in a hospitable and comfortable environment.

    Dr. Apostolos Chouliaras is highly specialized in the provision of comprehensive dental care and pays great attention to aesthetics, which he incorporates into his work.

    Curriculum vitae

    Since 1996 he has studied at the Dental School of T.E.I. Athens and after completing his internship in 2001, he received his Degree in Dentistry.

    In 2002 he achieved his admission to the School of Dentistry of the University of Athens and in 2007 he was sworn in as a Surgeon Dentist with a degree of Lyan Kalo.

    He is a member of the Dental Association of Attica and since 2008, maintains a private dental practice in Halandri.

    His love for Dental Science pushes him to continuously attend and participate in scientific conferences, practical seminars and dental workshops.

    He has attended the Postgraduate Program of Aesthetic Dentistry- Masterclass in Aesthetic Dentistry, University of London – UCL Eastman Dental Institute.

    He subscribes to online dental journals and takes advantage of the rich articles of the internet, about new dental directions, materials and perceptions.


    • Irodou Attikou 30,
      Nimfon & L. Pentelis 27,
    • 210 68 28 950

    Curriculum vitae

    Holder of a master’s degree in Dental Biomaterials, while he was retrained in the Clinical Smatology program of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at the Hospital of Dermal

    He attended the “Informal Postgraduate Program” of the School of Dentistry in the Department of Real Prosthetics of the same University. During his course, he participated in a number of clinical and surgical activities of the Maxillofacial Clinic of the General Hospital of Attica KAT, while since 2006 he has been volunteering as a Scientific Associate in the Prosthetics Laboratory of the School of Dentistry of the University of Athens. As a member of the Dental Association of Attica, has attended numerous conferences on Dentistry and Stomatology and today in his private practice, provides access structure and services to people with disabilities.


    • Smirnis 53 & Kallipoleos,
      Nea Philadelphia, Attiki
    • 2107112075

    Curriculum Vitae

    Graduate of the Athens University of Dentistry, for many years a scientific associate in dental surgery, at dental school of Athens.

    I’ve been involved in preventive dentistry with articles in magazines and newspapers. Lectures at the free open university and educational institutions. At the same time I participated in ERT TV shows on health and nutrition.
    Believing in the value of prevention, I try from the beginning of my professional career to apply in practice the principles of modern dentistry, while combining the best possible aesthetic result.

    Case with Dental Lab Pappas


    • Iroon Politechniou12,
      Nea Penteli, 15236,
    • 2106131679