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The Specialists in Dental Engineering

Pappas Dental Lab with 30 years of experience and excellent customer service, managed to stand out and evolve rapidly to the modern needs of the dental field.

Investing in innovations that, with the modern high-level material equipment available, provide dental services of high standards in a specially designed lab to make the previously impossible possible.
The digital infrastructure of Pappas Dental Lab excludes the human factor’s mistakes while facilitating the work of recording with a dental scanner and the reduction of time through its online sending. Upon receipt the files, the design and study begin to achieve the best plan to restore a natural smile.
The high-tech dental infrastructure using software of leading companies in the industry, drastically reduces the completion time, shaping in metal, wax, and zirconium giving shape and a natural smile. Our well-trained, experienced craftsmen then undertake the transformation of the materials into lively smiles. We build with our know-how each case separately, immediately restoring the best possible smile of your patient.

You will find us at Agiou Orous 4 in Maroussi by appointment due to covid-19.


We work with files from following Intraoral Scanners.

3Shape TRIOS
Virtuo Vivo™
Sirona Primescan
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We can give the best possible result with files from the following intraoral scanners:
  • 3Shape Trios
  • Wow
  • Virtuo Vivo
  • Sirona Primescan.


ZAB implants specialists

Konstantinos Pantazopoulos

Apostolos Chouliaras

Grigoris Georgalas

Kremidas Michalis

Georgios D. Tepezikiotis

My collaboration with Pappas Dental Lab is one of the best in my career. This is due not only to the wonderful aesthetic and functional results of their work but also to the impeccable organization and operation of their laboratory.

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